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On July 25 1990 Concord securities Group became a registered company, with capital of NT$1.35Billion, and start operating on December 4th 1990. On December 4 1996 Concord securities group completed the listing on the OTC.

July 1990 Established Concord with a paid-in capital of NT $1,356,000,000
November   Established the Fixed Income Department and actively developed the Fixed Income businesses in the OTC market.
October 1992 Established Taichung Branch Office
April 1993 Commenced stock financing dealings
May 1994 Established Chia Yi Branch Office
November   Established Kaohsiung Branch Office
May 1995 Established Hong Kong subsidiary in response to internationalization and
    expansion of international business
August   Established Yen-Ping Branch Office
April 1996 Established Tainan Branch Office
August   Established Chung-Hsiao Branch Office
December   Became an OTC company
March 1997 Established Hsin-Ying Branch Office
April   Established Wan-Hua Branch Office
May   stablished Concord Securities Ltd. at Cayman Island, an oversea holdings
    company to manage overseas investment
    Established Hsin-Chu Branch Office

Established the International Business Department to manage futures brokerage and warrant issuance business.

July   Established Neihu and Yong Ho Branch Offices
May 1998 Established Taichung Taiping Branch Office
June   Established Miao Li Branch Office
July   Established Ban Qiao Branch Office
August 1999 Established Hsin Yi Branch Office
May 2000 Established Concord Futures Company through investment

Merged with Da Yuan Securities Corp and established Jen-Ai, San-Chong, and Sung-Shan Branch Offices

December   Established Peng Hu Branch Office
July 2001 Renamed the Brokerage Department and Hsin-Yi Branch Office to Taipei Branch Office and Brokerage Department of the Headquarters, respectively
September   Closed Wan-Hua and Miao-Li Branch Offices
October   Assigned to Ho Tai Securities Company and established Shi-Pai, She-Tze, and Nan-Kan Branch Offices
September 2002 Added futures proprietary trading service
December   Established Hsin Dian Branch Office
March 2003 Established Asset Management Center
April   Established the New Financial Products Department to manage the issuance of warrants, derivative products, and hedge.
    Established Northern Kaohsiung Branch Office
    Added foreign stock trading services
September   Established Concord Asset Management Co, Ltd through investment
December   Established Concord Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd through investment
April 2004 Established STSP Branch Office
November   Chairman Chang Shih Hua was awarded with the "2004 Golden Merchants" Award by the MOEA and General Chamber of Commerce of R.O.C.
June 2005 Established of Ban-Hsin, Yuanlin Branch Offices

Relocated Shezih Branch Office to Chengchung district and established Chengchung Branch Office

December   Merged South-Tech Branch Office to South-Tainan Branch Office
    Merged South-Kaoshiung Branch Office to Kaoshing Branch Office
November 2007 Established Wealth Management Department
December   co-merged "Sunrises Investment Trust Corp." with KBC asset management N.V.
June 2008 Established independent director and selected 4 independent directors, Mr. Bai Jiun Nan, Mr. Chen Ming Tai, Mr. Chang Jin De and Mr. Wang Bo Shin.
June 2009 Concords Securities Corp. was awarded with the A+ level for 【The sixth information exposure evaluation】
July   Electronic commerce Department officially acquired ISO 9001 certificate. ;
October   Signed general representative of Julius Baer Funds with Julius Bear Asset Management Company
November   Signed strategic alliance with Guoyuan Securities Co., Ltd.(An Hui Province ,P.R. China ).
March 2011 Value Partners Group, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 806 HK), acquired stake in KBC Concord Asset Management Co. , Ltd. , which was renamed to Value Partners Concord Asset Management Corp., in September 2011.
June   Established Xinzhuang Branch Office.
May 2012 Established Pingtung Branch Office.
January 2013 Relocated Xindian Branch Office to Taipei City and renamed to Gu-Tíng Branch Office.
February   Chéng jhong Branch Office was combined to Yanping Branch Office.
March   Concord Managed Futures Gop. acquired the approval to run Futures Trust Business.
September   Established Concord Insurance Agent Corporation.
March 2014 Concord Securities Co.,Ltd. acquired the approval to establish the Offshore Securities Unit.
August   Assigned the operation of Yuanlin branch to Sinopac Securities.
January 2015 Banhsin branch was merged into Panchiao branch.
December   Concord Futures Corp. acquired ownership interest in Guoyuan Futures Corp. (China).
April 2016 Guting branch was merged into Jenai branch.
    Tunghu branch was merged into Neihu branch.
May Taiping branch was merged into Taichung branch.

Xinzhuang branch was merged into Taipei  branch. 

February 2017

Xinying branch was merged into Chiayi  branch.


The Julius Baer Funds under the master agent of Concord Capital Management Corp, have been successfully rebranded as GAM funds. Meanwhile, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has approved GAM Health Innovation Fund for public distribution in Taiwan.


Complete the transactions of Taiwan Concord Capital Securities (HK) Limited and Value Partners Concord Asset Management.  

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