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Brokerage & Wealth Management
We own 18 stock brokerage branches and 5 futures brokerage branches across nationwide of Taiwan. To ensure our channel and sales representatives are capable to satisfy our client needs, we are taking the strategy to pursue knowledge enhancement for all our sales teams in all respects, and strengthen skill trainings in order to offer professional and the best services for our clients.
Brokerage Business
Creating and realizing clients’ dreams and wealth by offering full range of financial services
We have an extensive and competitive network that not only provides securities-related services, but also supports the cross-selling of products offered by all of subsidiaries (e.g., Concord Insurance Agent Corp., Concord Capital Management Corp., Concord Managed Futures Corp. etc.).
The surge in the fields of Internet and IT drives the brokerage business to transform. By developing the digital financial service model, using the latest financial technology (FINTECH), we have developed a highly efficient investment consultancy APP that makes every client easy access to VIP services in their mobile devices, previously only available for high net worth clients. We have been launching a “stock financing” APP, allowing clients to apply for loans online anywhere and anytime!

New digital financial services
The E-commerce Department has long been committed in ensuring the stability of the trading system. Meanwhile, enhanced marketing campaigns and trainings are being introduced at branches nationwide to fully capitalize on the electronic trading trend. We have a 0800 toll-free client service hotline in place to answer clients’ transaction queries and promotion inquiries in time, and also to assist investors in their online trading activities.
In the future, growing popularity of mobile devices will lead to a revolution in digital financial services, which we keep up by offering innovative and effective services as well as fully featured digital financial platforms. Below are our main approaches in response to the digital surge wave:
Mobile only :
As smartphones become available and affordable in our daily life, it is likely to witness an increasing percentage of transactions being completed over smartphones. For this reason, Concord has adopted a “MOBIL ONLY” perspective when designing new e-commerce services. Concord’s digital services and “swipe/slide-based” order placement features are making distinguished from other securities firms.
Value-added services :
We are currently the only company to cooperate with an investment consultancy partner to develop and offer a fully programmed and automated “investment advisory services,” where selected stock advices and short-term trading opportunities are notified to clients via push messages.
We also provides an “online diagnosis of portfolio,” where financial engineering technology is implemented to perform fundamental analyses as well as technical analyses, by scoring each stock to help clients making investment decisions.
This system has been successfully expanded to deliver “online financial analysis” for nearly 1,700 companies listed on TWSE and TPEX, which provides useful reference to investors’ decisions.
Marketing is the king :
“Innovation” has always been the key value in our search for new business models. In one of our latest innovations, a one-minute “animation” was made to provide clients a clear understanding of our services. This animation was distributed through Internet channels such as LINE, FB and Fever38 to attract new clients and promote the image of Concord Securities.
FINTECH is the king :
We are currently recruiting professionals from the financial engineering field to help develop innovative and high-frequency trading. We are currently building an arbitrage and hedging platform which, upon completion, will be capable of handling heavy volume marked trading and offer additional trading opportunities for our clients.

Wealth management
All-round financial services for clients
The department is currently involved in the following businesses:
1. Distribution of inshore/offshore funds;
2. Distribution of equity linked or interest rate-linked instruments;
3. Distribution of fixed income products;
4. Distribution of insurance products;
5. Distribution of other financial instruments approved by the authority.
We will leverage the competitive advantage” strong relationships between sales representatives and clients” of securities house to expand wealth management business.
In addition to financial services such as “inshore/offshore funds distribution ,” “securities borrowing and lending” and “sub-brokerage,” we have the ability to work with fixed income and financial derivative departments for offering “convertible bonds” or derivatives such as “CLN, ELN” etc. With the establishment of Concord Insurance Agent Corp. in 2013, insurance.
offers a good complement to wealth management, as it reduces clients’ risks in asset and brings more reliability and consistency to the financial services. In the future, Offshore Securities Unit (OSU) also will transform our business model from conventional product selling to private banking (wealth management), and further expand our business scale.

Institutional services
Services to sophisticated institutional clients>
Given growing demand from institutional investors and higher trading transaction portion, we are able to provide back-office support services to our brokerage firm on business expansion and connection with clients. Additionally, we offer comprehensive information regarding stock trading and clients’ portfolio management.
Below are the three principles we follow to assure our clients the best services:
We serve our clients through team work, unlike other companies that only have one relationship manager serving one client.
Through strategic alliance and resource integration, we engage expertise from various fields of financial engineering to serve our clients, giving them the satisfaction of having their problems solved in one visit.
3.Non-price competition:
We grow relationships with clients through intensive factory visits, investor seminars, conferences, trainings, resource sharing, and referrals.
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